10 Things To Know Before Getting Botox

10 Things To Know Before Getting Botox

Considering these popular anti-wrinkle injections? Then there are a few things – good and bad – that you’ll need to know.

1) It’s not for everyone

Botox may not be the answer to your problems – for instance, you might need an alternative wrinkle treatment like dermal fillers. And, as with any aesthetic treatment, there are always groups of people for which it won’t be suitable (such as pregnant women). We’ll always recommend an appropriate treatment for you and will never pressure you to have something you don’t (or shouldn’t) need.

2) It takes time to work

Botox isn’t an instant, quick fix for your wrinkles. Instead, results need a few weeks to really blossom, and you’ll need to follow-up in the future (a single session won’t last forever). In our opinion, though, the results are worth the wait, and most people enjoy them for 3-6 months.

3) You’ll need realistic expectations

Botox is great for busting wrinkles around the forehead, brows and eyes. But, it won’t turn back the clock. Instead, it presses pause. Our clients love how refreshed they look after anti-wrinkle injections, but you’ll need to be invested in regular treatment to ensure your results have longevity.

4) There are age restrictions

Though we’re seeing these anti-wrinkle injections used increasingly for preventative treatment – helping stop wrinkles from forming in the first place – you must be aged 18 or over to receive it. And, you’ll also need a full consultation to determine it’s right for you in the first place.

5) Side-effects are common

Although these might be mild – think bruising, swelling or redness – and are related to your anti-wrinkle injection rather than the treatment itself, it’s important to prepare for botox with proper pre-treatment care so that skin stays looking and feeling its best. Serious side-effects are rare, and of course, we’ll talk you through everything in great detail when you choose our Coventry skin clinic.

6) It’s not poisonous

Even though the substance comes from botulinum toxin, it’s totally safe to be injected into the skin. Rest assured, we take every care to offer safe and effective treatments and would never offer something we wouldn’t be happy to have ourselves!

7) It’s a medical treatment too

Weak bladder? Migraines? Sweating excessively? All these problems can be helped through botox injections. That’s because it can help dull signals from the nerves. In fact, that’s exactly how it helps with wrinkles – because expressions are kept in check to prevent too much use.

8) Botox doesn’t mean a fake, frozen face

Instead, we’ll work with your natural beauty and the symmetry of your features to create a balanced, rested look that leaves others wondering about your secret! It’s no wonder we’re one of the most highly-regarded skin clinics in Coventry.

9) You’ll always need a consultation…

…Even if you’ve had treatment before. That’s so we can be sure it’s always going to be the right choice for you and your skin. For a leading skin clinic, you shouldn’t expect anything less!

10) Our clients love botox

Could you be the next to walk through our doors and take on this transformative treatment? Get in touch and we’ll arrange a consultation.