5 Things You Must Know About: Botox

Here at Global Health & Beauty Clinic, your Coventry-based aesthetics clinic, our experts have the skills and knowledge needed to deliver a range of beauty treatments. Amongst them is Botox – which we helped shine a light on in our previous post. Surprisingly, owing to its popularity, myths and misconceptions about the treatment still abound. Here are 5 things you must know about Botox.

1. Botox doesn’t paralyse your face.

Lots of people think that the treatment works by paralysing or freezing the muscles of the face. In actual fact, the toxin prevents nerve signals from reaching the treated muscles, which gives a more relaxed and smooth appearance. It’s temporary, so results usually last around 4 months.

It’s true that it works best on these dynamic, moving wrinkles that many call ‘expressive wrinkles’. For those with deeper lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers may be a better option – though it really depends on the area you want to treat.  As we put it, Botox anti-wrinkle injections work to create a refreshed and natural appearance by preventing muscle cells from contracting.

2. Botox injections aren’t toxic.

Yes, ‘Botox’ comes from the name ‘Botulinum Toxin A’. Yes, Botox itself is a toxin. But the injections aren’t toxic – they’ve been certified safe because they are such tiny doses. In order to have these anti-wrinkle injections, it pays to book in with a specialist aesthetics clinic such as ourselves and to ensure your practitioner is fully qualified.

3. Botox treatment is quick and easy.

30 minutes of treatment, 4 months of results and very little, if any, side-effects and downtime: it’s no wonder Botox is so popular. Our aesthetics clinic is fully-equipped with the latest equipment and treatments are led by Save Face registered doctors. We can use the anti-wrinkle injections to target fine lines and wrinkles, and even conditions such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

4. You can achieve a ‘face lift’ with Botox.

Incredibly, this non-permanent procedure can help create similar effects to a surgical facelift (minus the pain, recovery time and side-effects). Whether you target the forehead for a brow lift, or the neck for a Nefertiti lift, it’s possible to help reduce the signs of aged, sagging skin.

5. Most people can benefit from Botox.

As with any kind of facial aesthetics treatment, many people can enjoy fantastic results for weeks, months and even over a year.

However, for Botox, there are some exceptions – such as those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those who have an existing allergy to this type of anti-wrinkle injection, and those who may have an infection where the injections are planned. We always offer a consultation for this treatment, for these reasons – ensuring it’s right for you.

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