Are You Considering Anti Wrinkle Injections In Coventry?

When it comes to looking and feeling your best, few things have the impact of facial aesthetics. Whether it’s a treatment to refresh your skin, a procedure to soften the appearance of wrinkles, or an enhancement that helps to create a more youthful appearance, there’s lots that can be achieved to build your confidence and give your complexion a boost.

One of the treatments we offer here at our Coventry aesthetic clinic is anti wrinkle injections. With a strong scientific backing, this procedure is time-tested and loved by millions around the world, and remains one of the most popular facial aesthetic procedures du jour. If you’re thinking about having Botox in Coventry, then here are a few things to know.

Results are long-lasting

Facial aesthetics procedures are lasting without being permanent. This means you can top-up to maintain your happy results, or you can try an alternative treatment next time. With anti wrinkle injections here in Coventry, you can expect results to last up to 4 months.

Treatment is virtually pain-free

Many patients can feel concerned that anti wrinkle injections will hurt. But, thanks to our advanced injecting techniques and the fine needles used in the procedure, any discomfort is kept to a minimum. We can also use numbing agents if needed, and, of course, provide extensive aftercare to ensure your skin feels comfortable and cared for.

The procedure can be preventative

Thanks to how the procedure works – targeting the muscles linked to wrinkles – you can actually use the treatment to limit movement in particular areas of the face, therefore reducing the possibility (and effect) of developing wrinkles at a later stage. It’s why anti wrinkle injections have become a popular method of preventing wrinkles from forming amongst younger demographics.

Many areas can be treated

The face and neck area are prime targets for anti wrinkle injections, particularly areas such as the brow, forehead and around the eyes. The treatment can also ‘relax’ areas of the neck which cause prominent tendons to appear, softening the overall appearance.

Side-effects are minimal

In most cases, side-effects are relegated to mild bruising, swelling and redness – to be expected from any kind of injection. Other side-effects are extremely rare, and anti wrinkle injections are known for being a safe procedure both in Coventry and beyond. In addition, as a prescription-only medicine, the treatment can only be carried out by trained and qualified individuals, giving you even more peace of mind.

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