At Global Health and Beauty Clinic in Coventry, we provide treatments for those wanting to remove unwanted hair for smoother, stubble free skin. We also provide a range of treatments to help those suffering from hair loss.

Excess Hair

We provide expert Laser Hair Removal treatment in Coventry using the Duetto Laser, which is an Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser. The combination laser helps to tackle most hair from fine hair to coarse hair.

The treatment is fast and the right parameters there are no complications, both men and women can be treated. A course of treatments is required for the complete resolution of the problem. Treatments are usually 4-6 weeks apart and all skin types can be treated.

Hair Loss

A Global Health and Beauty Clinic in Coventry we have substantial experience in treating hair loss non-surgically. The treatments include:

  • PRP/PRF Injections
  • Vitamin injections using the mesotherapy technique
  • AQ Solution injected topically
  • Carboxy Treatment
  • A number of specifically formulated topical products

These can be used for both genders. A series of treatments are required and it is not a substitute for a hair transplant but it is certainly a stimulating hair growth regime that provides good results. A full assessment clinically is important prior to treatment, visit our contact page to book yours.

Where can I get more information?

There’s more in-depth treatment information about our hair growth treatments including AQ hair loss treatment, PRP and Mesotherapy on the treatment pages. Call us on 02476 260395 or email for more information, to discuss any queries or to arrange a consultation.