Effective body skin tightening treatments for women

Skin tightening in Coventry to reshape tricky areas

We see more and more women in the clinic looking for body contouring treatments that can transform certain areas. These are usually the abdomen and belly, the thighs and the buttocks.

Our Coventry cosmetic clinic is the ideal place to undergo non-surgical body reshaping treatments including fat reduction procedures like Lipofirm Pro. There are many benefits to choosing body contouring treatments over surgical fat removal. In today’s blog we look at some of the best.

The results are outstanding

At our Coventry aesthetic clinic we only offer the best aesthetic treatments. We love technology and invest in the most cutting edge platforms to deliver you great results. Lipofirm Pro is a science-backed body reshaping and skin tightening treatment that allows us to firm up loose skin and reduce stubborn areas of fat for a ‘non surgical tummy tuck effect’.

Lipofirm Pro is non invasive

No surgery is needed – it’s all completed using radio frequency energy. During treatment with this energy-assisted device a small hand piece is moved across the area of concern. There’s no pain and the treatment is comfortable. This makes it a very popular form of treatment for getting in shape without dieting or surgery.

Fat reduction treatments are safe

There are minimal side effect and complications as a result of body contouring treatments. No needles or scalpels are used, so there’s no risk of infection or swelling post treatment.

Instant inch loss is possible

In most cases, patients will see some instant inch loss. This is due to the skin toning element of the Lipofirm Pro treatment. Fat reduction occurs in the days and week post-treatment. You can find out more about how this device works and the treatment options available via the body fat treatment pages.

Skin tightening can also be achieved

As above, it’s not just a reduction in body fat you’ll notice. We can also tone lose skin and improve the collagen production within to help build stronger, more resilient skin. This makes it an idea body reshaping treatment for women looking to tone up after pregnancy.

Multiple treatment areas

We know treatments like this can never be one size fits all. And for that reason it’s accessible because numerous areas of the body can be treated.

Popular areas of the body for fat reduction treatments and skin tightening treatments include:

  • Abdomen or ‘non surgical tummy tuck’ (ideal for new mums looking to tone up)
  • Buttocks (the bum lift is great for a pre-holiday confidence boost)
  • Upper arms (treat bingo wings without surgery)
  • Thighs (ton the upper legs and inner thigh area)
  • Flanks (love handles can be treated easily)

Getting further information

At Global Health and Beauty clinic in Coventry we are here to help you look and feel fantastic. We offer an array of confidence-boosting treatments designed to help you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Call us or email the clinic to book a consultation. Further information about all of our fat reduction and skin tightening treatments can be found on our website pages.