Effective skin rejuvenation treatments you need to know about

What can skin rejuvenation treatments do for you?

More and more often and we are seeing patients who are looking for skin rejuvenation treatments, but they’re not quite sure yet which ones are suitable for them.

In truth, every patient is unique and we will always endeavour to offer a bespoke treatment plan to ensure satisfaction. In this weeks post we will be looking at the skin rejuvenation treatments that are increasingly becoming more popular than some of the more traditional offerings.

Don’t forget, you can ask us about any of the treatments you read in this post – just hit the contact us page and let a member of our team help you.

It’s not just about dermal fillers anymore

There is no doubt that there is a time and place for injectable treatments like dermal fillers, however with modern skin rejuvenation there is a larger focus on energy assisted treatments.

We have a Lipofirm Pro platform at Global Health and Beauty in Coventry, and have been getting some excellent results with regards to skin tightening.

As well as body contouring treatments, skin tightening treatments have really taken off in recent years. They are completely non-invasive and can be undertaken within your lunchbreak or straight after work, with no downtime.

Skin rejuvenation treatments are versatile

One of the main reasons so many patients are now choosing energy assisted skin rejuvenation treatments is the fact that they are incredibly versatile. With this platform we are able to lift skin, firm up areas such as the jowls and jawline, and even improve collagen production.

Radiofrequency is a really powerful type of energy that can help to not only reduce early signs of ageing, but also rejuvenate older skin that could do with a collagen boost.

It’s suitable for women of all ages

Whether you are looking for an advanced facial to help improve the way your skin feels, or you’re hoping to invest in a course of our skin rejuvenation treatments with Lipofirm Pro to totally reenergise the skin – we can help you.

Is it expensive?

The cost of skin rejuvenation treatments will always vary depending on your personal goals and the needs of your skin. Each patient is given a full consultation prior to treatment taking place, which is designed to ascertain how best to treat you and how to get the most from the treatments we have available.

Can I combine it with other treatments?

Absolutely – it is not uncommon for women to combine different types of cosmetic treatments in order to have a full anti-ageing experience. Did you know we also offer a chemical skin peels as well as platelet rich plasma therapy? Ask us about these treatments when you email us.

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