Improving your vaginal health safely

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Vaginal health treatments that can transform your life

As we get older there are certain changes we notice in our bodies – some of which can leave women feeling a little unbalanced.

After having children or going through the menopause your vaginal health can suffer, but we have some non surgical treatments that can transform your life.

Here at Global Health and Beauty Clinic, we listen to what our patients want, and offer advanced treatments to improve your intimate health without undergoing painful procedures.

Who is suitable?

Vaginal health is complex, but generally our patients fall into two categories: those unhappy with their intimate health post childbirth, or during/after menopause. A full consultation is needed in order to ascertain suitability.

What issues can be treated?

Women often present with multiple concerns. Common issues we help women improve include:

– vaginal atrophy

– stress urinary incontinence

– vaginal laxity

– painful intercourse

– dryness/itching

– unsatisfying sex

What treatments are available to improve vaginal health?

We offer two non invasive treatments to help you improve your intimate health: O Shot and FemTouch.

O Shot: This is a treatment to improve your sex life and encourage orgasms. It is a shot that rejuvenate the vagina and labia and increases sensitivity for women.

It’s based on the principles of platelet rich plasma therapy and uses the patients own blood to boost the vagina’s vitality.

FemTouch: A laser treatment, this is a non surgical gynaecology solution for women that want to improve vaginal atrophy symptoms. CO2 energy is transmitted through a probe which helps to boost collagen production in the vaginal wall.

This can help to improve feeling, laxity and comfort during sex, as well as keeping you comfortable on a day to day basis.

Am I suitable for your gynaecological treatments?

Suitability is down to a consultation with an expert. We discuss your needs and goals with you, and make sure you’re offered a non invasive solution that can improve how you feel every single day.

Are they comfortable?

We don’t offer invasive procedures and no surgery is required. This means our intimate health treatments are comfortable and safe as well as effective, and no hospital stay is required.

What can I expect after vaginal rejuvenation treatments?

Our vaginal rejuvenation treatments are non invasive so you do not need to stay overnight and you can return to work immediately. You will also be given safety and recovery advice after treatment if necessary.

How many treatments do I need?

Every woman is different. We tailor all intimate health treatment plans to suit the needs of the individual. In most cases 2-4 treatments are recommended – you’re advised to speak to the team before making a decision on any treatments.

Ask for more information

We help women from across the Midlands, as well as here in Coventry, including Derby, Leicester, Birmingham and more. Don’t be shy about discussing your intimate health – you are not alone.

Get in touch with our team of experts today if you wish to find out more information about the vaginal health treatments we have available. You can email us or call the clinic on 07483 348881.