New! Lipofirm Pro visible results from the start

Fat reduction in Coventry

The most advanced body contouring, cellulite reduction and skin tightening treatment has arrived in Coventry.

This fat reduction treatment is ideal for those who would like to do something about body imperfections without being subjected to invasive surgery.  Lipofirm Pro is particularly effective if your worries have spoilt holidays (not looking your best in that bikini) or social occasions (a few too many curves showing in that otherwise perfect outfit).  Reconnecting with your body is a personal process; only you know how your body  makes you feel. It’s worth your attention. By taking steps to tackle your problems areas, you take control.  We have spent years helping clients regain their body confidence by delivering aesthetic treatments using the latest new technology.  

Fat reduction in Coventry

Can I achieve a ‘non-surgical tummy tuck’?

With this innovate treatment you will be able to achieve all the benefits of surgery without the invasive methods and downtime.

Lipofirm Pro – time to regain your body confidence

The latest in non-invasive beauty treatments targets areas that concern you the most. Prices start from £150 for a 3 course treatment or £275 for 6 courses.

To discover the transformational benefits of this new treatment book an appointment with our trained consultants.  You can contact us on 0247 666 4669 or 07483 348881 alternatively email for more information and to discuss any queries or to arrange a consultation.