Treatments to improve your vaginal health

Did you know we now offer treatment to improve your vaginal health?

There are certainly many things you have to go through as a woman, and knowing how to help or improve your vaginal health as you get older can only be a good thing.

There are lots of changes a woman will go through in her life. Having children and the menopause are just two of the life events that can cause your intimate health to suffer.

At Global Health and Beauty Clinic in Coventry, we understand that every woman is a unique, and each woman feels differently about their body. Going through these life changes cannot only effect how are you feel emotionally but also physically.

For that reason, and we are proud to offer our female patients a nonsurgical and non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment that can truly help to restore balance where it matters most.

What type of treatment do you offer?

We offer a non-invasive solution to improve your vaginal health. The treatment we have available for women who suffer with vaginal atrophy symptoms is able to reduce and some cases eradicate problems you would associate with this condition.

What symptoms can the treatment you have available help?

We can treat most issues surrounding vaginal atrophy. Whether it be vaginal dryness or itching, or even stress urinary incontinence, the technology we have available can help to minimise the symptoms and leave you feeling like you have a new lease of life.

How does this type of treatment work?

Nonsurgical and entirely non-invasive, a small probe is inserted gently into the vagina that omits heat energy. This Energy helps to restore collagen and can help to improve the strength and elasticity of the vaginal wall.

It does not involve any incisions or needles, and the skin is never broken, meaning the risk of infection is essentially obsolete. Treatment times are incredibly fast you will be in and out within an hour. In most cases, as an example, this can be performed as ‘lunchtime treatment.’

Am I suitable for this type of treatment?

As a rule, most women most women that visitors suffering with vaginal atrophy symptoms can find some solace by the treatments we have available. A bespoke treatment plan is designed for each and every patient.

The only way we can determine who is suitable that any kind of treatment we have available at the clinic is through a consultation. A consultation allows you to explain to a healthcare professional what the concern is before they can examine you and discuss your options.

Does it hurt before, during or after at all?

Whilst there can be some mild discomfort due to the heat energy emitted from the device we insert via the vagina, most patients say that treatment is comfortable.

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