Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels in Coventry

A chemical peel is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure to treat skin imperfections, fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles, helping to boost skin tone and texture. They revitalise the appearance of the skin and improve the complexion of the face, although the treatments can also be performed on other parts of the body such as the neck and hands. A full body Peel is also available. Global Health and Beauty in Coventry is pleased to offer our clients this skin improvement treatment.

What are chemical peels?

Dull skin is something many of us experience, and it can be a real struggle to restore the healthy glow that is sometimes lost within the skin as we get older. As a result, many patients choose to look into advanced cosmetic treatments to help rejuvenate the skin, and restore a healthy, youthful complexion.

Chemical peel procedures involve safely removing the outer layers of damaged skin to reveal new, healthy skin layers. These non-surgical cosmetic treatments allow patients to vastly improve the look and feel of their ageing and dulling skin, and can even reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The result is a more youthful appearance.

How does a chemical peel work?

Chemical skin peel treatment is a simple but effective treatment that involves applying a liquid solution – that usually includes some form of acid – in order to ‘remove the top layer of skin in a safe and controlled way.

Skin peel treatments come in three basic levels of strength; superficial, medium and deep. These strengths differ in the level of the skin they penetrate, and which strength is right for you depends on your skin type, the condition of your skin, and the type of results you are hoping to achieve.

What is this treatment like and what are the effects?

The effects of a chemical peel will depend on the specific treatment administered, from superficial to medium-depth and deep peels. The simplest procedures are effective at reducing fine lines, smoothing rough, dry or flaking skin, acne marks and age spots.

The deeper peels can combat more pronounced wrinkles, scarring and pigmentation problems, giving skin a more even appearance. Chemical peels are variable and the treatment is planned according to the clinical condition.

It is imperative to prepare the skin a few weeks prior to having a peel.  When you book an appointment, one of our experts will perform a detailed skin assessment before developing and discussing a treatment plan.

Who is suitable for chemical peel treatments?

Many people can undergo chemical peels, and most skin types can be considered. Book a consultation to discuss your individual options and get an expert’s opinion.

Why choose a chemical peel?

Chemical skin peel treatments also give patients visible but natural results that can reduce the signs of ageing whilst restoring a healthy, youthful glow. Patients with darker skin should approach chemical peel treatment carefully as the skin that is revealed by the treatment is often lighter in colour than your usual tone.

Is a chemical peel safe?

Skin peels have been a widely-used and effective tool for facial rejuvenation for many years, although they have improved greatly in recent years. Chemical peel treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment and as a result does not come with the same level of risks and possible side-effects that are associated with surgical cosmetic procedures. However, this doesn’t mean the treatment is risk free, and research into possible risks should always be conducted before making the decision to undergo treatment.

Patients should be aware of the risks that come with chemical peel treatment, which include outbreaks of acne, oily skin, and a small chance of scarring. These risks – while rare – should be carefully considered when considering chemical peel treatment, and if you have any questions you should speak to your skin expert during consultation.

How long do the results last?

Patients can expect improved quality of the skin with the effects lasting up to 12 months, and in some cases more.

Is there any downtime?

Rehabilitation time is dependent on the depth of peel, with some patients experiencing little or no down-time.

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