What Does HydraFacial Do? The Aesthetic Clinic Guide

A HydraFacial in Coventry can be a blissfully relaxing experience for you and your skin. Treatment uses peptides and amino acids, amongst other ingredients, to address concerns and help give you your best skin. Areas include exfoliation, rebalancing, hydration, firming and brightening.

So many ways to enhance

Here’s a quick guide to the various perks of the HydraFacial; formulations work in so many positive ways.

Calm: relieves red, sensitive skin while boosting hydration, detoxing the skin and supporting a healthy skin barrier function.

Smooth & refine: plumps, exfoliates and smoothes while boosting skin cell turnover for a radiant glow.

Restore & firm: increases collagen and elastin production – the key proteins that help skin feel firm and taut – while softening fine lines and detoxing the skin.

Hydrate: repairs the skin while boosting its radiance. Some formulations address other concerns, such as pigmentation, ageing and redness.

Brightening – balances skin tone, energises skin and enhances radiance – all while softening lines and wrinkles.

Other treatments to try

Because the HydraFacial in Coventry is so versatile, it can help with so many different skin concerns. As we’ve covered, many people look to enhance radiance and that healthy-looking glow, while others are concerned with dryness, pigmentation, sensitivity and other concerns. Some of the other treatments we offer our clients in and around Coventry, which could boost your HydraFacial results, include anti-ageing skin rejuvenation; hyperpigmentation treatments; and those that tackle conditions such as acne, which can lead to sensitivity, redness and inflammation.

A guide to good skin

Here at Global Health & Beauty Clinic, your local aesthetics clinic in Coventry, we always offer a consultation ahead of treatment. We can get to know each other better, make suggestions for your unique skin and even introduce you to treatments that may help, as well as guide you on aftercare, side-effects and the many pros and cons that will influence your decision. 

High-quality treatment

We wouldn’t ever offer a treatment we wouldn’t have ourselves, and are always open and honest about every aspect of your journey with us, including with HydraFacial. We’d never recommend something that we didn’t think could benefit you or your skin, and you can rest assured that we’re fully-trained in the procedures we carry out, with lots of happy client testimonials to share!

Book your HydraFacial in Coventry

We’d love to help give you the confident appearance you’ve been looking for, whether it’s targeting a medical concern, or simply a wish to create plump, soft and radiant skin. Get in touch on our contact page and we’ll arrange a HydraFacial consultation just for you.