What is the best body contouring treatment?

How do you know which is the best body contouring treatment for you?

If you’re considering a non surgical way to reduce fat you will likely be looking for the best body contouring treatment in your local area.

Lipofirm Pro is an energy assisted form of body reshaping treatment that is capable of firming skin and reducing fat from stubborn areas with no recovery time, making it very popular.

Entirely non-surgical and quick to perform, Lipofirm body reshaping treatments are suitable for both men and women of all ages, and can be undertaken as a stand alone treatment or as part of a wider body makeover.

There are numerous reasons why this energy-assisted body reshaping treatment is proving so popular, including fast results, quick treatment times and long lasting fat reduction and skin tightening.

So what makes Lipofirm the best option for you, and why do we offer it here at Global Health and Beauty in Coventry? Today’s blog will explain all.

Non invasive treatments

Unlike surgical fat removal treatments, Lipofirm Pro is a completely non invasive fat reduction treatment.

Using radio frequency heat energy the device delivers deep penetrating heat energy that breaks down fat cells quickly and effectively.

The body then expels the excess fat as waste from the body, resulting in long lasting fat reduction.

Versatile body reshaping treatments

Another reason Lipofirm Pro is one of the best body reshaping treatments available in the UK is that it’s also a skin tightening option for those who may have been told that exercise and diet cannot firm skin, especially after pregnancy.

This non-surgical fat reduction is ideal for those looking for fast inch loss as well as long term fat reduction and body contouring.

Painless treatment for stubborn fat or saggy skin

Entirely painless, the body rejuvenation treatments with this device are comfortable and are the perfect alternative to liposuction treatments that can be uncomfortable and take a while to recover from.

There is no down time or bruising associated with this non-surgical body reshaping and skin firming treatment.

Fast treatment for skin tightening

It’s possible to see real inch loss from just one treatment with Lipofirm Pro. Thanks to the radio frequency energy assisted treatment type, this a top skin lifting solution as well as the best body reshaping treatment.

In just 30 minutes clients can see a real difference in how their skin looks and feels.

Multiple body contouring treatment areas

It’s possible to treat many areas of the body with the Lipofirm Pro device. Without doubt the best body contouring treatment for the abdomen, thighs and arms, the combination of fat reduction and skin tightening means the tummy can be toned, bingo wings reduced and thighs tightened – all from one treatment.

More information about body contouring

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