You Asked: Is Botox Painful?

When it comes to aesthetic treatments, we know there are two questions you’ll ask above all others: is it safe, and does it hurt. In today’s post, we’re looking at botox. So whether you’ve had the treatment before, or are interesting in having it for the first time, our Coventry experts will talk through what’s involved.

So, does it hurt?

The good news is that most people don’t find botox hurts. That’s because of three main reasons:

* Numbing agents – these help to numb the skin and prevent discomfort
* Fine needles – these are gentler on the skin and cause less sensation during treatment
* Expert technique – we combine our skills and knowledge to help minimise pain during injection

It’s also been approved for cosmetic purposes, so you can trust that it’s safe.

What about after treatment?

Redness of the skin, tenderness, and the possibility of swelling or bruising should be expected. Even with the best technique, needle treatments can cause some level of discomfort (just as a doctor’s jab or an IV drip might). Thankfully, managing this is easy – and we provide detailed aftercare for doing just that.

Are there risks?

Any aesthetic treatment has its risks. With botox, common risks include the side-effects we’ve mentioned, as well as the possibility of infection (which can occur with treatments like needles, which puncture the skin). Sometimes, droopiness can occur, but this can often be corrected. Even in the worst cases, botox does wear off after a few months. Serious risks and side-effects are extremely rare and we’ll talk you through these at the relevant time.

Is botox suitable for me?

The best way to answer this question is through a one-to-one consultation. We’ll cover your medical history (including things like previous aesthetic treatments and allergies), expected results and any problems that may occur. In most cases, botox will be a suitable treatment, but as it’s heavily regulated in the industry, it’s important to check it’s right for you.

What else do I need to know?

Botox is a fantastic treatment, but it may be that you need to combine it with other aesthetic procedures to get the results you’re looking for (such as smoother skin). And, it’s not a permanent solution – but of course, there are far fewer risks and side-effects than plastic surgery may entail. Whether you’re unsure about botox or certain it’s the right choice, why not book in a consultation with us here in Coventry and take that next step?